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Construction Defect Repair & Restoration

Mitigate Damage

We use a multidisciplinary approach to quickly and safely diagnose and resolve construction defects due to improper building practices.

We mitigate additional damage while responsibility is established, and have service partners to assist with litigation if you’d like a referral.

How to detect construction defects…

You may have defects if you are seeing some of the following:

  • Water seepage through the roofs
  • Windows and sliding doors with water intrusion
  • Bulging or cracked stucco
  • Balconies and decks with ponding water
  • Excessive mold growth on walls (green or black)

Our Comprehensive Defect Inspections Include:

  • Construction Defect
  • Hurricane and Storm Preparedness
  • Roof Evaluation
  • Building Envelope
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