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“We find the most practical, cost-effective long-term solutions and do it right the first time. We never cut corners, use top-quality materials, and have a highly skilled crew.”

— Danny Potocki, Project Success Manager

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What can TRUE do for you?

Roof Repair & Replacement

Waterproofing & Intrusion

Comprehensive Property Rehabilitation

Construction Defect Resolution

Mold Remediation & Recovery

Disaster Recovery & Insurance

Educational Support & Guidance

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Top quality paired with industry experience

We are professional roofing contractors servicing Florida. See our full list of certifications.

We offer cutting-edge roof coating to protect the look and integrity of your roof and greatly extend its life. We’ll help you pick the right single-ply roofing system for your property. We also offer fiberglass (asphalt) shingles as they are the number 1 roofing choice in Florida. Additionally, our metal roofing service is one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry, particularly for residential roofs. Another large trend is tile roofing, which doesn’t just look great, but also offers an exceptional life of 50+ years. Lastly, modified bitumen membrane roofing system is usually reserved for commercial business buildings.

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We use a multidisciplinary approach to quickly and safely diagnose and resolve construction defects due to improper building practices.

We mitigate additional damage while responsibility is established, and have service partners to assist with litigation if you’d like a referral.

Our Comprehensive Defect Inspections Include:

  • Construction Defect
  • Hurricane and Storm Preparedness
  • Roof Evaluation
  • Building Envelope

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We offer mold remediation. We also inspect damage from a range of mishaps, situations, and disasters while communicating with your insurance. Let’s ensure your deserving recovery for the loss that you’ve experienced to your property.

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We provide service from roof repairs to structural services for buildings. These include roof replacements, cutting-edge coatings, painting, waterproofing, property rehabilitation, and more. With total commitment to quality, integrity, and accurate estimates and time lines, we foster long-term and dependable relationships with our clients.

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CE CLASS from TRUE Group

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